Hot Topic Tuesday-Viral Video Gets Up Close and Personal

Hot Topic Tuesday is an opportunity to take controversial, attention-grabbing, or 'hot' topics that have recently garnered attention across the social media stage and open them up for discussion.

This week's Hot Topic Tuesday is a video and soon-to-be book that has frequented my Facebook newsfeed over and over in the past week. Jade Beall is the photographer who took the pictures seen in the Beautiful Body video and she is currently working on a book by the same name. Her hope is that by showing women's natural bodies (specifically the bodies of mothers) that women will embrace their own bodies as beautiful. Here's the video if you haven't seen's definitely worth a watch.  

I love the concept of the video and Jade Beall's goal is an admirable one. My question is, in a society that is youth-obsessed, where there is a cream for every wrinkle and stretch mark, a diet for every perceived extra pound, and a surgery for every unwanted lump, bump and line, can women truly get to a place where they love their bodies...stretch marks and all? Further to that, will women watch this video and feel better, worse, or the same about their bodies..will this be yet another tool that women use to compare themselves against?

What are your thoughts???

Happy Tuesday:)