I Need a Drink - A Follow Up

A while ago, I blogged about needing a drink on my old blog site here. Since then, I have been experimenting with "fun" non-alcoholic drinks to satiate my thirst while I'm breastfeeding. My requirements for a "fun" drink are as follows:

- Must look like summer-in-a-glass

- Must go with many different types of food

- Must be refreshing both indoors and on a patio in the sunshine

- Must not contain milk, water, or coffee (my main sources of thirst-quenching liquids)

- Must stick with the KISS method of drink-mixing (Keep It Simple Stupid)

- Must be relatively cheap

- Must not require bizarre specialty ingredients

- Must be easily adapted into an alcoholic drink when hosting guests

That's a tall order to fill, and I believe I've found a drink that meets all of my high-maintenance requirements. Ok I didn't find it, my lovely mother-in-law did while touring around Europe last month.

Here's the recipe for the drink that I have dubbed a Pink Lady:

- Make a pitcher of Pink Lemonade
-Sugar the rim of a tall glass (I was too lazy to this)
-Pour into tall glass until 3/4 full
-Top up the last 1/4 with Ginger Ale
-Add lemons and/or lime slices and cucumber slices
-Add a generous amount of ice

*for alcohol, the recipe calls for Pimms, but I think other varieties would be equally as delicious. The Pimms gives it an iced tea-like flavour.

Have you discovered any great summer drinks this year?