Things to See and Do in Southern Saskatchewan - July

With some of the biggest, most anticipated summer events in Saskatchewan coming to a close for another year (yes, I'm referring to Craven), I've heard rumblings of summer boredom setting in. I've even heard some comments about summer being 'over' now. Well, I'm here to tell you that not only is summer still very much in session, but there are a lot of events and activities going on in Southern Saskatchewan for the duration of July. After a bit of Googling and some research on Facebook, here are some highlights of the family-friendly activities that will help you fill the days and nights of this perfect summer month.

If you are in the Moose Jaw area:

If you are in the Regina area

If you are in the Rouleau area:
If you are in the Central Butte area:

Looking for more events in Southern Saskatchewan? The Tourism Saskatchewan website is full of ideas to full the rest of your July social calendar and beyond.

Let us know if you attend any of these events!