Hot Topic Tuesday - Family Time

Hot Topic Tuesday is an opportunity to take controversial, attention-grabbing, or 'hot' topics that have recently garnered attention across the social media stage and open them up for discussion.

As some of you may know and some may not care to know, Paris Fashion week has just come to an end for another season. Yes, I realize this isn't a fashion blog (thank goodness or I'd feel pressure to change out of my pajama pants); however, one couple at fashion week brought up an issue that garnered a lot of attention not only in Paris but on gossip radars across the world.  You may have heard of this couple commonly referred to as "Kimye"? Yes, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West made headlines (again) during Paris Fashion week for bringing their daughter North West along with them to an event. Not only did the 1 year old accompany her parents to the Balenciaga show, she also had a labelled front row seat. Many people criticized the couple for bringing a 1 year old child to a fashion show. Others argued that it was nice to see the family together as a unit.

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What do you think about this? Are there appropriate and inappropriate places to have family time?

My Opinion, In Case You Are Curious

I must admit, my first instinct was to judge Kim and Kanye's decision to bring North West to the Balenciaga show. A fashion show does not seem like an appropriate place for a 1 year old, no matter who that child's parents are. Upon reading a few accounts of the situation, I discovered that the little girl didn't want her parents to leave her, and that bringing her was a last minute decision by Kimye. What parent can't relate to standing at the door FINALLY ready to leave for a few hours and witnessing your child's anguish at your departure? It can be heartbreaking!

Furthermore, Kim and Kanye lead a very public life. They are constantly attending events like this, and in order for them to be together as a family North West may have to attend some of these very fancy, highly publicized events. I have a hard time seeing what's wrong with that if she gets to be with her mommy and daddy.

I think family time is defined differently for each and every family. Where and how a family chooses to spend their time together depends on their lifestyle, their interests, their budget, their schedule, and a host of other factors. Whereas one family may go to dinner and a movie, another may have a game night at home, and still another may attend a local sporting event.  The point is to spend time together as a family....whether that means a free evening in or a fancy evening out at a Paris fashion show. It's about togetherness. It's about interacting with one another and spending time as a family. So, for the first and possibly only time in my life, I'm siding with Kimye on this one.