Things to See and Do in Southern Saskatchewan - Corn Mazes & Pumpkin Patches

If my Facebook news feed is correct, I am not alone in my obsession with all things fall.  There is a wistfulness to the fall season. The mourning of another summer gone too fast, yet bracing ourselves for whatever this winter is to bring. Fall. The changing of the leaves, the reemergence of plaid and tall boots, Thanksgiving and Halloween, and of course pumpkin spice anything.

One fall tradition that my parents and I started a few years ago and that I look forward to every year is going to visit a pumpkin patch. Recently, not only is my Facebook news feed filled with pictures of my friend's children sitting in piles of red and golden leaves, but also with pictures of my friend's children at pumpkin patches and corn mazes. It seems that my family is not alone in their tradition of visiting these local gems and why should we be....they offer lots of activities for children of all ages. 

In previous years my family and I visited Lincoln Gardens near Lumsden, SK but we decided to change it up this year and attend the Pumpkin Hollow Corn Maze (also near Lumsden). This was my first experience at this particular corn maze with a 10 month old baby in tow. Two years ago my parents and I went and only got as far as the shopping area and concession before feeling overwhelmed by the amount of families and heading home (this was before I had kids of my own).

Our visit to the Pumpkin Hollow Corn Maze this year was a blast! I knew that there would be many activities that my baby would not be able to experience this year, but there were some activities that were very entertaining for her as well. The corn box (quite literally a 'sandbox' filled with corn) was a pleasantly tactile experience for her, and the animals at the mini petting zoo were enchanting. She wasn't able to do the jumping pillow or the cow train this year, and the swings were a bit big for her, but she will get to experience those activities another year. We (the adults) were disappointed that the corn throw and the wagon rides were not running that day, but we will call ahead next time so that we are better informed. There are photo opportunities everywhere you turn, and the main pumpkin house area has shopping, photo staging areas, and a concession with baked goods and beverages (the pumpkin spice cappuccino and candy apples were a hit with my group). I would rate the total experience at Pumpkin Hollow as a 4/5 this year, and I would love to make this pumpkin patch and corn maze an annual tradition for our family.

Corn Box
Candy Apple & Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino

I asked a few of my friends who have children of different ages than mine to weigh in on their experiences at Pumpkin Hollow.

My friend Melanie (check out her blog here and her awesome business here) and her husband took their 3 year old and 17 month old children to Pumpkin Hollow, and here is what she had to say about the experience:

-In the pumpkin house (that's what we call the barn at the front when you enter) we love all the photo opportunities, the small concession and especially love picking out a new book every year. And my kids really love playing with all the pumpkins. The pumpkin house is literally half the fun. 
-The pillow trampoline is lot of fun, but it's not meant for little kids.
-We like the mini park, petting zoo and corn box. That area is nicer for the little kids (especially the corn box - just watch they don't eat the corn). We spend most of our time in this area, as it is a really fun area to hang out at with younger kids Also, they are always stocked with sanitizer on the poles in this area which is appreciated.
-The corn maze is cool, but really, really long. In the past we were told we couldn't take a stroller, and carrying my daughter through the whole thing was ridiculous!! It was a half hour. This year they allowed strollers but at about the half way point the kids were cranky. It's just a little too long. This year I was prepared with snacks and water, but both kids were cranky anyway. I've never been through a corn maze in the past, so I have nothing to compare it to, but I'm disappointed by the condition of the corn every year. On the promotional videos for Pumpkin Hollow, the corn stalks are green and the corn is golden. But when you tour the maze, everything is dying and crusty. I have no idea if that's normal, but if it is, why is the promotional video so different?
-The Bathrooms are the real downfall though. There are no bathrooms down by the Pumpkin Patch at all. You have to walk back up to the Pumpkin House whenever you need a bathroom break. This is very annoying - especially while potty training or with more than one kid that will be using the bathroom at different times.
-Cow train - it's fun. You have to be able to ride alone so this was my daughter's first time on it, but she loved it. It's a two-minute ride and very fun for a preschooler.
-Overall, we do love the Pumpkin Patch. We've never had a problem with parking (although the road to get there is not great). I'd rate the experience as a 4 out of 5. Even with all the flaws. And even with babies - the pumpkin house and corn box area are worth it.

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My friend Becky and her husband took their 7 year old, 5 year old and 2 year old children, and here is what she had to say about their afternoon at Pumpkin Hollow:

-We loved the corn maze and how they had different clues to guide you through. The corn maze was a favorite for all of us. The kids liked the little cow train and my oldest liked the corn throw and the jumping pillow. My youngest didn't like the jumping pillow because he couldn't keep his balance on it. For him, he liked the corn box, hay slide, and animals much more.
-I like that everything is centrally located so you don't have to walk far from one activity to another!

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As you can see, Pumpkin Hollow has something to offer both adults and children of all ages. 
They are only open until Sunday, October 19th...if you need an activity to do this fall, I highly recommend taking advantage of this beautiful fall weather and getting to Pumpkin Hollow before they close this Sunday!

Here are some other pumpkin patches and corn mazes around Saskatchewan. 

-Lincoln Gardens - Lumsden 
   - This is one of my favourites and it has a small market attached.

-A Maze 'N Corn - Bulyea, SK
   - Phone: 306-725-4449/306-725-7884

-A Corn Maze in Saskatchewan - Pilot Butte, SK
   - Phone: 306-924-4217 or Toll Free:1-877-806-8482

-The Strawberry Ranch - South of Saskatoon, SK

-Bulldog Park Corn Maze - Cut Knife, SK

-Youth Farm Corn Maze - Rosthern, SK
 - My friend took her 6 year old and 4 year old here and had a great time. Her oldest had the most fun, and she rated the experience as a 4/5 overall. 
 - This corn maze also boasts a petting zoo, climbing wall, bouncy castles, and a Roughrider train. 

To find other corn maze and pumpkin patch attractions near you, visit or call your local greenhouse. 

If you know of any other corn mazes or pumpkin patches in Saskatchewan, leave a comment and let us know (if you don't have a Google account, use 'anonymous'). 

Happy Fall Everyone!