Please Don't Take Pity On Me

It has come to my attention via numerous conversations with friends and family over the summer months that people have been pitying me due to my current living situation. I'm here to tell you that your pity is completely unneccesary.

For those of you who don't know, while our house is being built in the city my little family has been living somewhat unconventionally at the lake this summer.

I know what you're thinking...what's so unconventional about living at the lake??

Well, we have spent the past two months living without running water. We haul rain water to flush the toilet, we wash our hands via a bowl of water on the stove, dishes are done with hauled and boiled water, and showers are taken in the homemade contraption in the front yard.

Not your typical lake living lifestyle in 2015. It's more camping than the "glamping" that has become de rigueur in the last few years.

I've been called a pioneer, and referred to as a frontier woman. My husband has been told that he is lucky I am tolerating this situation, and some have even laid a guilt trip on him for "making us live here".

I have never felt happier. Or luckier. Or more free. Or more creative. Or more inspired. Or closer to my family.

Not only do we have a roof over our heads, food in our fridge, gas in our cars, working electricity, and a loaded satellite dish, we also have access to clean water which is a luxury that more than 2/3 of the world does not have.

Still not convinced that my lake life is not worth your pity? Here are a few more realities of lake life:

-I wake up to birds chirping and go to sleep seeing all the stars typically camoflaged by city lights.

-My ever-bare feet get to play in grass and sand all day.

-I take regular walks with my girlie where we see wildlife, plants, and flowers that are absent in the city.

- I get to refresh my soul in the water of the lake on a regular basis.

-Fireworks occur regularly.

-The comforting smell of campfire in the air is constant.

-Makeup and fancy hair are completely unnecessary. Time is better spent outside.

-Our 500 square ft cabin makes it possible for quality time any time.

-Boat rides are readily available.

-The absence of city noises is completely refreshing.

-When I need a city fix, which happens occasionally, Starbucks is under half an hour away.

Our lake life may not be full of luxuries and ammenities but it is good for the soul, and certainly not worth pitying. When we head back to the city I will forever look back at our lake life summer with only the fondest of memories.