2015 Favorites

One of my favourite things about the dawn of a New Year is all the magazines that come out mid-December looking back at the year-that-was. Usually they remind me of all the books I didn't read, movies I didn't watch, and trends I didn't know existed, but for some reason I just can't get enough of feeling completely out-of-the-loop. Reading these magazines is my way of catching up with what regular people did all year. Or what the under 20 sect was up to for the last 365 days.

I've decided to do my own round up of 2015 favs. This in no way implies that I had any kind of life or that my tastes in books and tv are noteworthy. These are just a few things I enjoyed this year....feel free to comment with your own favs.

Best Fiction

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This book was chosen as one of my book club's picks and I absolutely loved it. The author easily brings the reader into the world of its quirky main character, and I found myself laughing, cringing, and rooting for him throughout the entire book. As much as I loved this book, skip the sequel.

Honourable Mention: Leaving Time by Jodi Piccoult & The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

Best Non-Fiction

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This book of essays is one that I will read and re-read over and over.  Glennon writes with piercing honesty that is as poignant as it is funny. I am waiting on the edge of my seat for the release of her next book.

Honourable Mention: Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes & Why Not Me by Mindy Kaling

Best Audio Book

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I love to listen to audio books when I am commuting to and from work and attempting to stay awake after a long day, and this book kept me wide awake. In fact, there was a point that I almost had to pull over because Amy had me laughing so hard. Amy reads her own work, and cameos from some of her SNL friends make this book far better to listen to than simply to read.

Best Podcast

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I could listen to Elizabeth Gilbert all day. This podcast, of which each session is only 20 minutes long, inspired me to take creative risks and spawned my purchase of her book Big Magic which is equally as delightful.

Favourite Blogs

Everyday Foodie - I've been following this blog for years and I love seeing the food and travels that Jolene and her hubby embark on.

This Mom Loves - This blogger/writer/teacher posts about everything from celebrity "momterviews", to her monthly favs, and advice from a teacher's perspective. I am infinitely jealous of her as she made her tv debut on my favourite show The Social this year!

Favourite TV Shows

My husband and I watch an embarrassing amount of tv, so it's hard to pinpoint a favourite. Here's my best shot:

 - This is the year that; I was mesmerized by Viola Davis' performance in the new Shondaland drama How to Get Away with Murder.

 - This is the year that: I finally gave in to the numerous nagging recommendations I received from friends and began watching The Mindy Project, at which time I discovered that Mindy is my spirit animal.

 - This is the year that: I annoyed my husband weekly as I cackled with laughter over the comedy Undateable.

 - This is the year that: My husband and I finally started watching Netflix, and became reacquainted with the beloved Tanner family.

 - This is the year that: I continued in my obsession with The Social, and my plot to get my butt to a Toronto taping of the show.

Favorite Movies

The amount of movies I watched this year is sad. I imagine that Inside Out would be my favorite movie of the year if I had watched it. It is currently sitting on my dvd shelf waiting to be viewed. Also, I just discovered that Pitch Perfect 2 is on my On Demand, and I imagine it will capture a very special part in my heart, and irritate my husband for two hours. Win/Win.

One movie I managed to watch this year and that stands out for me is Still Alice. The book-to-movie adaptation was done seamlessly, and Julianne Moore's performance is haunting and brilliant. The book is still one of my top 10 favourites of all time so I was apprehensive about the movie, but they nailed it.

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Favourite Trend

There was a time when I was a trendy person. Now, I consider myself trendy if I get out of my pajamas before noon. I imagine if I were a trendy person I would be colouring in those intricate, beautiful colouring books that popped up everywhere this year. I would also be sporting funky opal coloured hair while doing the Nae Nae. I am doing none of those things, but at least my People Magazine keeps me abreast of what I'm missing out on.

2015 was a great year.....hopefully 2016 brings just as many great reads, some binge-worthy television, and a decent movie or two that are not based on Marvel comics.

What did you love reading/watching in 2015??